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Supporting Your Success

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If you are ready to work with Renegade to get some clarity on your health and work toward finding solutions fill out this form. We will get back to you shortly to set up a call.



This is a 90- min stand-alone dietary assessment for those who are interested in nutrition but are feeling confused by all the health and nutrition advice out there and unsure what is right for them! 

This includes:

  • 3-day dietary assessment

  • Drug-nutrient interactions

  • Eating behavior and lifestyle pattern assessment

  • Suggestions for dietary changes, supplements, behavior modification, and referrals if needed. 


Note: This stand-alone is not appropriate for you if you have a current unmanaged health concern, eating disorder, or taking more than 3 medications. If you have current health concerns that you would like to address, I strongly suggest going through the package options so your nutrition in relation to health concerns can be addressed and monitored over a longer period of time. 


Initial Consultation - 90 min

For optimal care, we need the time to listen to your current health concerns and condition as well as medical and life history.

Report of Findings Visit - 60 min

In this visit, we discuss the findings from the initial visit and from lab results. Together we build a plan that you feel comfortable and confident in. 

4 Follow up Calls - 25 min each

What you get:

  • Personalized protocol based on recent research

  • Free lab interpretations

  • Diet and lifestyle guidance 

  • Personalized supplement recommendations

  • In-app messaging

  • In-app food and fitness tracking


This package has everything the Starter Package has but includes more follow-up sessions and a longer follow-up session for when more time is needed to focus on interventions. 

This package is a great option if you have more than one health concern. The additional follow-up sessions allow us to pivot our focus when needed. Healing takes time and has its up and downs, working together longer allows us to work through those challenges together and helps you establish a healing relationship with your body.


  • Initial Consultation (1.5 hours)

  • Report of Findings (60 min)

  • 8 Follow Up Sessions (25 min)

  • 1 Longer (45 min) Follow Up 

Dietary Assessment
Starter Package
Commitment Package
Outdoor Workout

Personal Training

Personal training sessions with Tricia allows you to get the exercise and movement regime that complements your nutrition plan and aids in the healing process. 


For local clients only.

Family Breakfast

Family Consultation

Making personal nutrition and lifestyle changes is one thing but learning how to make adjustments that can benefit the whole family not only makes those personal changes easier but can benefit the health of the whole family as well. 

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